3DWATER can be used for any occasion and for any season.

Year over year, existing and new bacteria and viruses become increasingly resistant to available medicine, treatment, and vaccines. General existing remedies, such as alcohol/ethanol, are skin irritants, hazardous if consumed, and have limitations on usage. Alcohol/Ethanol solutions do not disinfect some common viruses such as Norovirus.

3DWATER can instantaneously disinfect bacteria and viruses with a rate of over 99.9%. 3DWATER decomposes the source of the bacteria which is the source of bad odor.  By decomposing the source, 3D Water acts as a deodorizer. 3DWATER is also effective against pollen, house dust, and allergen.

3DWATER is a product that can be used all year round, 365 days a year.



3DWATER is the new and improved stabilized version of sodium hypochlorite which is a Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan approved product commonly used in the medical field.


The components of 3DWATER makes it an environment friendly and safe product. 3DWATER dissolves into water after usage.



3DWATER is safe to use around babies and toddlers.




  • Disinfect and deodorize healthcare areas, such as patient rooms, examination rooms, surgery rooms, emergency rooms, waiting areas, elevators, ambulances, etc.

  • Disinfect medical procedure instruments and supplies

  • Use as a disinfectant (hand sanitizer)


3DWATER can disinfect bacteria and viruses that soap and alcohol cannot.

3DWATER has a high disinfection rate, and is capable of disinfecting strong and resistant bacteria and viruses. Also, 3DWATER is an effective product for indoor environments and to disinfect disinfect airborne viruses.


Differences between 3DWATER and alcohol based products

3DWATER VS Alcohol Based Products

Most disinfectant products are alcohol-based. Alcohol based products disinfects by destructing the outer layer protein substance, known as the envelop, of viruses. Due to the alcohol base nature, it is not effective against viruses without an envelop layer, such as Norovirus and Parvovirus, also known as Dog Cholera. Alcohol based products can cause skin irritation as well.


3D Water disinfects with the chemical composition of free chlorine sodium hypochlorite and weak-alkali which inhibits odor-removal, and inactivates bacteria and viruses. This weak-alkali compound decomposes the protein substance of the bacteria and viruses, removing them from their protein to harvest, thus makes the bacteria and viruses unable to live or reproduce. This protein mechanism is the same for more lethal bacteria or viruses. The protein mechanism is the same for odor removal, as bad odor comes from the buildup of bacteria and viruses. Bad odor can be eliminated through the penetration of the protein substance.



3DWATER uses a biological and chemical mechanism to deodorize from the source. Most common deodorizers just covers-up the smell, thus not really eliminating the source of the smell.

3DWATER removes the 8 bad smells defined by the Ministry of Environment of Japan. 3D Water decomposes the organic substance of microorganism and effectively removes odor. 3DWATER can be sprayed to remove the smell dispersed in the air.



  • Food Grade: Stabilized Sodium Hypochlorite 100ppm (SSH), Water


  • PH Test: 10.5 Weak Alkaline

*Result from Japan Food Research Laboratory




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