What is the meaning of 3DWATER?

The 3D is derived from Disinfect, Decompose, and Deodorize; Combined with Water, this makes our unique product 3DWATER.

Is 3DWATER made in Japan?

Yes, 3DWATER is made in Japan.

What happens if I accidentally drink 3DWATER?

3DWATER is food grade quality, so accidentally drinking 3DWATER will cause no immediate harm. Avoid drinking in moderate or large quantities (possible digestive distress may occur, such as vomiting, abdominal cramping, and/or diarrhea)

What should I do if I accidentally spray 3DWATER into my eye?

Third party testing has proven that 3DWATER is a non-irritant to the eye, but as a precaution  rinse with water or eye cleaner liquid.

Is it safe to spray 3DWATER directly onto my hand?

It is safe to do so.

Does 3DWATER cause irritation like alcohol based products?

Third party testing have proven that 3DWATER is a non-irritant.

Is it safe to mix 3DWATER with other products/chemicals?

It is not recommended to mix 3DWATER with other products/chemicals.

Is 3DWATER a fire hazard product?

3DWATER is not a fire hazard product. 3DWATER evaporates at high temperatures, since it is water based.

There is a slight smell after spraying 3DWATER, should I be concerned?

The smell evaporates after a few seconds and is not harmful/toxic.

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